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Did you know that 49% of Americans have trouble locating documents

89% wasting any amount of time at work, 31% of employees waste around 30 minutes a day and the top 10 percentile waste upwards of 3 hours in the average workday

Learn how to maintain organization with actual readings and ready for any clients and reports. Let Clean Claims work for you. 

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Instead of wasting time looking for hand written papers and meter readings

Learn the formula to building wealth and use it to:

    We make sure that no corners are cut
    Photographic proof of work that needs to be done, and work that was done
    Involve insurance agents and adjusters in every step to make sure it is done right
    We keep track of everything, so you don't have to

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In Clean Claims, you’ll learn how to finally take control of your IAQ business.

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  • See all of your jobs - at a glance
  • Have every action on every job timestamped and attributed to a single person
  • Save time and money by having our remote sensors monitor your jobs

The right moves can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all with Clean Claims.

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