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National Indoor Air Quality Institute

National Indoor Air Quality Institute ( NIAQI ) is a national educational institution. The founders of NIAQI have over 50 years combined experience in building forensics, indoor air quality and ventilation. Our main goal is to provide a comprehensive and holistic educational experience. 

NIAQI offers professional certification training as an accredited Florida State course CE provider  for mold related services. 

National Indoor Air Quality Institute is dedicated to offering the most current and comprehensive information to the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry  profession.  NIAQI  instructors have a diverse and lengthy background in the IAQ and building forensic industry. This knowledge allows our instructors to provide specific technical strategies to the student as they proceed in a career in the IAQ industry.

Our priority is the concern for the well-being of occupants and worker's health and safety and protecting valuable property assets. We are excited to prepare you for your future career goals and to enlighten those who are already partners in the IAQ industry.


To provide comprehensive  courses and training for individuals seeking knowledge and professional careers in the IAQ industry.


To spread public awareness and  partner with industry leaders to unify the education and standards of practice of the IAQ industry.

Heather Amador Delaporte 
Heather has been working in the IAQ  industry for over 20 years. Founder of  National Indoor Air Quality Institute (NIAQI) and owner of (UES) Ultimate Environmental Solutions, she brings knowledge from the field into the classroom, giving students a well rounded environment for learning. Much effort is taken to educate her students and clients and follow the evolution through the remediation stages of the building.

Ms. Delaporte’s experience and concern for people gives her an unrivaled edge in the classroom. Her enthusiasm for problem solving, and her patience during the process, make her the perfect mentor for aspiring Indoor Air Quality professionals and Industrial Hygienists. She relays her knowledge with the unbridled passion of a natural born teacher. Her goal for the course is to engage students with the same zest for science and empathy for the IAQ Industry.

W. Gene Taylor

Mr. Taylor is a retired veteran with over 30 years in the Safety and Indoor Air Quality industry, with specialized expertise in high-rise buildings and schools. Performed over 1500 mold assessments covering in excess of 500 thousand square feet. Designed Tools for Schools Indoor Air Quality Program for Hillsborough County Public Schools This program received a national award from EPA in 2001. Recognized by EPA two additional times on his contributions to Indoor Air Quality in Schools.

In Loving Memory Of

W. Gene Taylor


Gene Taylor passed on September 14, 2023. Gene was a leader for our industry and education!

 Gene's  knowledge and leadership will ramain a part of the NIAQI foundation  forever!

NIAQI Values


  • Integrity 
  • Purpose
  • Leadership
  • Efficacy
  • Authenticity
  • Service
  • Empower

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