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The Best Mold Killer for Your Home and Office

mold assessor mold remediation Dec 12, 2022
best mold killer

Finding mold in your place of work, or even in the home where you and your family are supposed to feel safe can be startling to say the least. The last thing you need is to discover your home or office is compromising your health and quality of life. 


Fortunately, the National Indoor Air Quality Institute (NIAQI) is here to guide you through all things mold and make sure all your spaces are mold-free.

What is the best mold killer?

Determining the best product to kill mold comes with a few different options based on your situation. To know what works best, we need to understand the area in which the mold has chosen to take residence. 

Adding the best shower mold killer to your regimen

If you’ve found that, due to excessive moisture and poor ventilation, your bathroom is encountering mold growth issues, it may be time to look into an effective cleaner to target the concern. Believe it or not, there are plenty of over-the-counter bathroom cleaning agents that can eradicate mold or mildew within your bathroom. 


Adding a mold-targeting cleaner to your daily or weekly cleaning regimen can help limit or eradicate any potential for mold growth. If, however, you find that mold is recurring even when cleared regularly, there may be a larger issue. Knowing when to call a professional could save you and your health a lot of undue stress. 

Finding the best mold killer for wood

For instances in which mold has taken host to something composed of wood, the same approach as tackling bathroom mold is not an option. Unlike tile, wood is extremely porous and can be negatively affected by certain cleaners. On the positive side of things, if the wood is painted, mold cannot penetrate the coating of paint – so soap and warm water is all you will need! 


All in all, make sure to find a wood safe mold killer for any untreated wood, or remove the wood entirely.

Best mold and mildew killer on the market

No matter what surface material you are dealing with, the consensus seems to be that RMR-86 is the best mold and mildew killer that is currently on the market. There is no scrubbing needed and results can be seen within seconds. 

Risks of poor mold removal 

In the event that you need to remove mold without the help of a professional, it is important to be aware of the risk of poor mold removal. Your health and the integrity of your home or business can be at risk if mold is not properly addressed. 

You risk the mold getting much worse

To begin with, and arguably the most obvious concern, is that the existing mold that you believed to be gone, is actually only getting worse. When the source of the mold is not established, there is room for the issue to return. For instance, if you find mold on a wall, and simply spray it with mold killer without discovering the reason it is there, you could be overlooking a serious hidden leak. 

The mold can begin to spread farther than before

If left improperly treated, spores can float around and be transported by people and pets. Mold spores are great travelers – they even use your air conditioning systems to reach rooms that would have normally been inaccessible to the spores by themselves. 

Without the best mold killer, you face irreparable damage

If left untreated, or even poorly treated, you could face irreparable damage to the structure of your home or place of business. Sure, battling mold can seem like an overwhelming task, but if it’s not addressed, the cost will multiply as the situation gets worse. 


In the end, some damage cannot be repaired. Don't cost yourself more money by waiting too long, or using the wrong products. 

Eradicate mold with professional guidance 

If you don't want to waste your time, money, or energy on fighting the battle against mold, get professional help. Allowing a professional to step in and take over means you can rest easy with peace of mind knowing you and your family or place of work will be safe. 

Let NIAQI educate and eradicate on all things mold

Regardless of who you are, if you’re interested in making a career out of identifying mold and mildew, consider signing up and getting licensed through the National Indoor Air Quality Institute. Here at NIAQI, we know how important identifying, removing, and protecting homes and businesses from mold is – this is why we hope to pass down this information to those looking for a career change. Begin your journey today by registering online.

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