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A Mold Specialist Could Save Your Health

mold assessor mold remediation Nov 30, 2022
mold specialist

It’s only after we’ve been struck with a cold or severe illness that we remember just how important the ability to breathe is. And one of the most significant impacts of mold infestation is the way your body responds to it.


Our bodies are built to withstand so much, but mold is a toxin that knows no bounds. If you’re noticing changes in your or your family's health, have spotted what may be a mold concern, or are struggling with damp, leaking areas in your home – let’s call this article divine intervention.

How mold remediation can protect your family and business

Mold remediation is a life-saving and preventative practice that all homeowners, renters, and anyone who leases a space should know about. 


Calling a mold specialist puts the health and safety of everyone connected to your space first and foremost. And allowing a specialist to guide you through this process with the proper knowledge and execution is essential to removing mold for good.

How can you identify and control mold?

Mold identification requires more than a quick Google, or advice from your neighbors. Some mold is truly unmistakable. You’ll know exactly when you see it. But some growths are hidden and aren’t as obvious to the naked eye. 


Without the analysis of a trained professional, it can be difficult to locate the source of concern and potential cause of illness in your home.

Is there a specific process for testing mold?

Mold remediation specialists are well-versed in identifying and testing for mold types that might not be visible to the untrained eye. A mold specialist will take samples from all around the suspected space, including air, surface, and dust samples to determine their mold concentration and mold types within.


Mold spore counts are more important than the types of molds that are located, as this determines the severity of the mold infestation and the type of remediation and rebuilding that may be required.

Steps to take in the interim if you suspect mold in your space 

If you’re digging around in the attic and you find an obvious mold infestation, the first thing you want to do is to remove yourself from that space and seal it off. Make a phone call to your trusted mold specialist and alert them of your findings. Your mold specialist will ask you some questions and set up a good time to visit the space to gather information and perform a test to see how widespread the mold is.

When is the best time to reach out to a mold specialist

Whether it’s the holiday season or the family’s getting together for a special graduation, if you find mold in your home, you might be worried about what comes next and the timeline you’ll have to work within. Even though the unknowns about mold spreading can be overwhelming, know that with the right support, you’ll have the resources you need to fully eradicate mold in your home or building.

When you go to clean out your space and find mold

If you’re heading into the basement to look for an old trunk of costumes, and you stumble upon what looks like white mold, immediately get in touch with a mold specialist.

If you’re noticing pre-mold signs and signals

There are plenty of pre-mold signs and signals that are often missed or overlooked. For example, if you notice a weird smell coming from your air conditioning or heating unit, it might be worth having a mold specialist collect a sample. 


You might notice that the grout between your shower tiles is black or that your wallpaper is peeling. Perhaps you’ve been struggling with allergy symptoms, or you are developing colds consistently. All of these things could be an indication of an untreated mold problem in your space.

It’s never too early to connect with a mold specialist

All mold specialists have one goal: to locate, identify and remove all instances of mold so efficiently, that the chance of spreading again is eliminated. It is never too early to reach out if you are concerned about mold development. And when it comes to this type of toxin, the quicker you determine your situation, the better the outcome will be.

Let NIAQI educate you on how to become a mold specialist

NIAQI is dedicated to educating and certifying people that want to become mold specialists and remediators. Mold remediation and indoor air quality is a field in constant demand. If you’re looking for a career-change, and to potentially start your own business, sign up for one of our upcoming classes!

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